Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Ever felt like you where left alone? Most likely. Have you ever abandoned another? Sometimes. I hate leaving people. I like the company of others, but for some reason, some people don't feel as though I really care or i just abandon them. Bay all means I never mean to abandon any one.

I want to know why this is? Why do people feel this way? I don't mean any harm. I try to build friendships with people how I love. But I do think that some times I am a really bad friend. I just forget sometimes that others need me as much as I need them. How can anyone have someone who listens to them if they cant also be a listener, especially when you have asked them for their time to listen to you.

So, how do we get better? We try harder. We live in a world of total communication, but little speacking to each other. We email, text, blog, IM, and any other types of communication, but we never seem to have time to TALK. Using words that are spoken rather then typed.

We need to be listeners as well as good friends. Listen and you can hear the voice of knowledge.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Crying and Laughing


Lets breath in our salty tears. Lets sit and think about our lives based on the sorrow and the pain that we feel from others lose and pain. Why will we not listen to our hearts? Things are never OK. How can i answer that question "How are things going?", "How do you feel?". I don't know. I feel to young to be so old. I think about all the things that we have to do in our lives and the places that we must travel to. I wonder what the world has in store for me and my friends. I weep for that lose of close friends dear to my heart. How my soul aches for them and how i wish i could have them again in my life. Is that being selfish?

Why are the young ones taken but the old are left to live? Why must we die? Death it seems is a path that all must travel, but non may follow. I don't feel that most people embrace the idea of death as a celebration of ones life. How hard it is to sit and watch the grieving family and friends, to grieve along with them and not being able to say anything.

We live in an age of cures. We have cured so many illnesses in our world. Swept sickness from our homes and our lands. We have been able to do studies of how to better improve our lives and how to live longer then our fore-fathers. We have put people on the moon, taken pictures of far off galaxies, and cured so many problems in our world. The mode of transportation is more refined, the Internet enables us to trade, communicate, watch, and do many other things that we could never have done before that dawn of the computer era. All these things and more have become cures to our world. They have even become gods in their own right.

But death is still a mystery. Why does it happen? Why does it happen at that moment? Whys, Wheres, Whens, and all the other questions of the soul can never be answered. You could answer me and say heaven and that god wanted them back, but then the real question is . . . . . Why does it hurt so much?

Solve that and the doors of the mystery of death shall be open. Hurt. Pain. Lose.

Its not fair. Not this soon and this quick. Never should people as young as us need to taste the bitter hand of death and never should we have to feel this empty feeling in our souls. We are to young to go through life with out our loved ones.

Bring my friends back to me.

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Illness of Feeling Alone.

Loneliness. Even in a crowd of people you can sometimes feel completely alone. What is this feeling? Recently my feelings have been ones of needing to be needed. I feel so by my self that I want that person to hold me, that person to care, that feeling of being needed but having my needs met.

To many times I have cried out and wanted, no needed a helping hand when all I was told was that I didn't need help but rather that I was the one who could help others. I couldn't even help myself, so helping others was a great wish that never could come true. Sure people can do a lot of good things in their lives, but if the helper is being helped, if the sick can find no cure, then how are our lives going to bloom and grow?

Being a part of peoples lives is a key and central role in all of our lives. To be a servant to others brings us closer to something higher. If that is God or Buddha or any spiritual being, or if it is just used as a means of bringing ourselves up out of despair and darkness then we should strive to find that place, that person, and activity that brings us that happiness. We all should be searching for that road that leads to the pathway of life, through others. Through other people, through other points of view is that world changed. If we all where satisfied with our selves then the world would stop moving forward.

For our lives to take flight we need to become more concerned about others rather then ourselves. We don't go and leave our wives/husband, and our children to "find our self". We don't leave something that is hard because we don't like it. We do none of these things. We labor all our days to bring people up, to bury our differences, to lighten our fellow men's loads of despair and defeat. We are our makers and un-makers. We are the only ones who can change our worlds. We do not chose others to make choices for us, but rather we make the choices for our selves.

Live life. Be not afraid of the failures in life. Embrace them, love them cherish them, and most importantly learn from them. Change is the most wonderful thing, as long as it is change for the better.

Change, makes Dollars

Monday, March 10, 2008

Addictions, Drugs, Girls, and other things that suck!

So right now everything is really strange. In the words of Jim Morrison, "People are strange when you're a stranger, Faces look ugly when you're alone, Women seem wicked when you're unwanted, Streets are uneven when you're down."

Oh how true these words are. Life always seems to be a strange thing, a wanting that I can not embrace.

Addictions are one of the things that baffle me. We all are addicted to something, whether it be to some sort of food, to a TV show, or a drug , or porn, or anything. We live in a society that breeds upon our addictions. The companies both good and evil, they all dive deep into the world of addictions. If you feel like you need it, then the supply will be there. Just one more Big Mac, one more piece of candy, one more glance at the pretty girl that is sitting behind you in your college class, one more cigarette, one more hit on the pipe, Just one more . . .

Greed. Lets talk about what you want at all cost. All the extra nights at work, spending all those extra hours to pay for the house that you cant afford, in a neighborhood that is to far from your work, driving a car that could put your 3 children through college, and buying those things that make us "happy". Real happiness does not come from these things that are so much of the world. You find me that most un-greedy person and I will show you a truly happy person.

Status is something that we have created. We have placed ourselves and others in to classes that somehow reflect on your up bringing, or your education, or anything for that matter. We are all so quick to judge others and judge them of their problems, that we forget that you must first take care of yourself before you can cure another person. Even once you reach this point you still must strive to never fall again to that illness.

Pride is the friend of Greed. We become greedy out of the womb of Pride. Never has any person who has become greedy not fallen victim to the sword of pride. Never should we allow ourselves to play with pride. It is a two edged sword that cuts both parties. Pride has been that fall of many persons in the course of history. Pride has brought war and death. Pride has robbed children of living together with their parents, it has broken the hearts of both husbands and wives. It has destroyed homes and crushed the dreams of others. Pride is an illness that has robbed the heart of some of the greatest and most wonderful treasures, but they are all lost in the deeps of the sea of Greed and Pride.

We can almost conclude that when these two ideas enter into our mind that they are surly there to destroy us and not to satisfy any of our needs, but to rather satisfy ones self.

This is why sacrifice is the great cure for the cold of greed and pride.